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Telling a Better Story

Plug in the headphones. Tune out the chatter of voices around me. Try to angle my laptop so that the sun-glare is minimal, with little luck. The only seat left was here by the window on a stool that’s forcing me to use my yoga abs to keep from slouching. It’s busy in the coffee shop this morning. Unexpectedly cool summer weather today must have people craving warm drinks; or maybe it’s just that it’s Friday and there’s a certain ready-for-the-weekend vibe. I take a sip of my latte, trying not to disturb the delicate foam-etched leaf formed on top. I should have gotten a bigger coffee. These words sometimes need a lot of caffeine to be brave.
I’m tired. It’s been a long year. Is it really only June? 2017 feels like forever. I’ve gotten used to time speeding up faster and faster as I age, so this sudden slowdown is disconcerting. In some ways I don’t mind it…treasure the moment and all that; in just three years’ time we’ll be packing up the oldest and getting him ready for college. Bu…

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